Well it appears to be April all of a sudden. What have I been doing with the last 6 weeks? Well, there was Valentine’s Day where I supplied not a single red rose but properly seasonal flowers, and Mothering Sunday weekend for which my few polytunnel-planted tulips bloomed in perfect time. I've provided flowers for two early spring weddings and been approached by two new shop owners to supply weekly bunches for sale. I've picked up a new edible flowers customer too. I made a funeral tribute full of bright spring colours for a willow coffin: it's always a privilege to be asked to do farewell flowers.

I cut hundreds of daffodils and narcissus during March and now the outdoor tulips are doing their trick of being ready suddenly and en masse. And they are gorgeous....

Alongside all the cutting, arranging and selling I've been working on the growing side of things as well, for one cannot exist without the other. There's been plenty of seed sowing, pricking out and planting outdoors to produce the rest of the year's flowers. Today I planted out the first lot of outdoor sweet peas, tomorrow I'm finally going to get the last of my autumn sown annuals in the ground. 

Wedding season starts in earnest this weekend - just a small one to warm up with - before the marriage frenzy of Easter weekend is upon us!